Jobsite Safety Contest

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you find the safety errors in this picture? If you can, you could win a prize from ELEVATOR WORLD. Correctly identify the safety errors and submit them to EW. EW will select a bi-weekly winner from all of the correct entries. Click to view examples from past weeks.

In the interest of promoting jobsite safety, ELEVATOR WORLD has been seeking photos that illustrates workers practicing unsafe work habits. Thanks to the assistance of the National Elevator Industry, Inc. Safety Committee, the National Association of Elevator Contractors Education Committee and others, EW has collected quite a few of these pictures. While some of the safety errors are quite obvious and may bring a smile to viewers' faces, they all represent potential dangerous situations in which the worker or workers pictured could be seriously injured or worse. Often, there is more than one unsafe action shown.

As part of EW's continuing efforts to improve jobsite safety awareness, these photos will be posted on the Elevator Industry Jobsite Safety website. To encourage visitors to think about jobsite safety, EW is offering a bi-weekly contest for visitors to the site. Every other week, a new picture will be posted with one or more safety violations illustrated. Visitors can identify the safety concerns and submit them to EW, which will choose a bi-weekly winner from all of the correct entries received by noon on Friday. Each bi-weekly winner will have the option of receiving a one-year subscription to the digital ELEVATOR WORLD magazine (or a one-year extension for those already subscribing) or a US$10 gift coupon to the EW Online Bookstore.

In addition, EW is asking the visitors to this website to submit their own photos of jobsite safety mistakes. Those who submit a photo that is chosen for the contest will be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize package. (Obviously, those submitting photos are not eligible to win the bi-weekly contests in which their photos are used.) The photos should be of an actual jobsite error, not staged. (And if you are photographing the error, please let the participants know what they are doing wrong before they are injured!) EW will blur any faces that are shown to avoid embarrassing the worker(s) involved. For information on how you can submit a photo, email Brad O'Guynn at

Good luck and be safe!