Toolbox Meeting 12 -- RIDERS

Sooner or later during a job, every driver and operator is asked to give a ride to someone up to the other end of the project. We all like to do a person a favor when it doesn't cost us anything. However, you should consider whether you are really doing a favor before you agree to give a ride.

The only safe place to ride on heavy equipment is on the seat beside the operator. Riders can fall off and be injured if they are allowed to ride in or on buckets, steps, push-plates or any place where an unexpected jolt will throw them off.

Workers can be carried on trucks if there is room for them to sit on the seat beside the driver or in the back. However, if they are carried in back, it is the driver's responsibility to require that they be seated on the bed when the truck is moving. Standing up or perching on top of loads is not safe, and should not be allowed, i.e., fork-lift trucks, gas-powered buggies, etc.

1. What are some of the hazardous places on equipment where you have seen workers riding?
2. Would a person be taking a chance on a bad fall just by climbing onto the bed of some of the trucks we operate? Which ones?

For more information read Section 11 - Working Platforms - in the Elevator Industry Field Employees' Safety Handbook