Toolbox Meeting 17 -- VEHICLE SAFETY

Studies show that over 80% of all accidents are caused by human error.

If the primary cause of accidents is human error then the responsibility lies with the individual. We must take responsibility.

Our mind set and attitude determines our actions. How we perform at work, at sports or in our social life is determined by our attitude.

A simple action performed in the morning can help one's attitude toward safety.

Take a few seconds each day before work to walk around your vehicle and visually inspect it. This simple action will yield 4 positive results.

1. If a problem exists such as a fluid leak or low tire, pressure you will be aware of it.
2. It will remind you that you are driving a couple tons of potential danger.
3. It will produce the mind set for safety.
4. You will be making the statement to yourself, "I am in charge here."

Credit: Bud Johnson,